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Thread: BOY 22S Dipronic Manual Help

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    BOY 22S Dipronic Manual Help

    I am new to forum, and also really new to Injection Molding. We just acquire a BOY 22S, 1990 Machine. Can anyone help out or guide me in the right direction where i can find the manual for this machine. I have been looking all over the internet but have not been successful.

    Hope someone can help. Thank you.

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    Re: BOY 22S Dipronic Manual Help

    I have a hard copy of the manual. I ordered it from Boy. Was...$170 if i remember correctly. Is just a ring bound photo copy of an original.
    I guess I'm as new as you to this game. First machine, first experience with the plastic molding world. Don't feel bad, I have the manual and am still having difficulties.
    If you know what you need I will copy a few items for you...

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