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Thread: Nissei Error Code 5 101

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    Nissei Error Code 5 101

    Hi All. New guy here. Not new to molding, just the forum.
    I have an 1986 Nissei 360 with the NC-8000 control [yes, I know ancient]
    It has been sitting in the shop for several years & I just got around to starting it up. I got a mold in & was making parts [about 20] when it shut off.
    The book says 101 is check input power which I did, all good 487-488V, I even checked the control transformers & power supply to the control.
    I cannot reset that alarm even after resetting the control [says OK] it goes back into the alarm mode as soon as I turn the control on?

    One more thing as this is my first Nissei. Should I be able to rotate the motor/pump by hand?

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    Re: Nissei Error Code 5 101


    Do not try to put your hand anywhere. These machines can be brutal. There are several people who have lost their lives. So SAFETY FIRST!

    Now, the error you see can be because of several reasons. Go and see if any of the E-Stops are activated. You mention it is an old machine. May be some of the switches are not functioning properly. Sometimes, when the machine cycles and the door of a safety switch gets loose or open. Check that.

    The only other thing I suggest is to call the local rep. he may be able to help you on the phone at no cost. It may be a simple thing (lets hope).

    Let us know what you find out.


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    Re: Nissei Error Code 5 101

    OK. On the advice of a machine tech friend I put a jumper from wire 69 to 101 on the terminal strip.
    Bingo .... I'm able to clear the alarm & the machine functions normally.
    That bypasses R 100 a relay [MY4 AC100V 1 pump m. on according to the electric parts list]
    I see the wire duct marked R 100 but can't find the relay?
    Any direction on where I should look?

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