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Thread: Silicone or rubber coating for overmold cables

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    Silicone or rubber coating for overmold cables


    Mostly im working with overmolding cables and housings with TPE and PA. Biggest problems are tolerances of cables that are sometimes big and also in some tools cables need to be under some angle (moslty 90 degrees), so almost always i have some damage or some marks on cable jacket. That is not aceptable by quality control in my company (even thou is ok by IPC standard) so i need to find solution.
    I was wondering is it on market some type of silicone or rubber coating for steel parts that can be flexibe so it wont damage cable jacket, and to ressist temperature up to 240 C (464 F) and injection preassure up to 500 bars (7250 psi).
    Puting rubber or silicone is just some my idea (did it with super gule for testing and it was fine ), but if there is any other options, i would like to know about them.
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    Picture of one of inserts of better idea what problem is.


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    Re: Silicone or rubber coating for overmold cables

    Hi Nemanja,

    Yes, what you are doing is a perfect idea. I have used it before. I do not recall what the grade of the plastic was. You cannot use a soft silicone since the plastic pressure can push it out. Check and find some sort of a hard rubber. you have to find the balance between the soft and the hard.


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    Re: Silicone or rubber coating for overmold cables

    HI,i saw your thread, that is simple ,You can use soft PVC material to make that ,and for the marks on the jacket ,that is because your mould is not pricise ,pls add me erichengch for more details ,we are professional in that ,and in China,we have mature material supply chain to solve it ,also the mould is more pricise to advoid the marks...such kind of issues .
    Eric from sachimolds

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    Re: Silicone or rubber coating for overmold cables


    Erichengmould, tools are precise, but diameter of wire jacket is not (big tolerances). When jacket diameter is at low end of tolerance (or sometimes a bit below) we have scratches or shuting throu and when is on upper end (or a bit above), we have damaged (not just pressed) jacket. In all cases is scrap or hardly acceptable.
    Now as short term solution we will try to glue rubber on insert, and for long term, to find someone to do good coating that we dont have this problem anymore.
    Do anyone know what is time for coating and is there in Europe company that can do that?

    Best regards,

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    Re: Silicone or rubber coating for overmold cables

    Acetal (POM) w/ silicone would be a good material for this purpose
    Good dimension stability, wear resistant, low friction

    Checkout CelconŽ LW90-S2

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