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Thread: Thermoplastic Cool Polymers - Celanese -D5506 LCP

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    Thermoplastic Cool Polymers - Celanese -D5506 LCP

    Hi Everyone,

    We are a custom molder in Southern Indiana. We use a thermoplastic Cool Polymers - Celanese -D5506 LCP. Our vendor requires us to use only virgin resin. Therefore we leftover Runners/Gates we have to scrap. Curious if anyone on here may use this resin (or know someone who does) that is looking to buy the scrap from us. They would need to regrind it themselves. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Have a good day everyone!

    Ryan Harvey

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    Re: Thermoplastic Cool Polymers - Celanese -D5506 LCP

    Hi Ryan,

    It is a difficult sell. The best approach is to 'quietly' find out from your supplier who else uses the same material. Then ask them if they can buy your runners. The reason I say 'quietly' is because you are now competing with your supplier.
    There are companies who buy runners also, I think.


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