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Thread: Laser Printing on plastic part(s)

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    Laser Printing on plastic part(s)

    Customer wants multiple different colors for a variety of different part numbers. We think laser printing the part number for the specific color is the way to go. Anyone using a dependable laser printer and can share some info.? It would not have to be a fancy multi-color printing, just contrasting color for part identification.

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    Re: Laser Printing on plastic part(s)

    Joe, this is an easy answer. Reach out to Keyence and find your local laser expert. Contrast marking is pretty easy depending on original color and resin used. If the resin has CFA in it and is black, you can get a very white mark on it. We’ve even tested PA with 30% gf and got great results. Our marking is 2D data matrix plus part number and so on so you don’t have to scan the barcode during a sort. They will need about 3-5 minutes to mark the part!! It’s amazing software and hardware. For some colors you may need an additive to get the color shift the customer requires but maybe not depending on their requirements.

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