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Thread: Small plastic injection molding: Boy vs Arburg

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    Small plastic injection molding: Boy vs Arburg

    My product sizes are small: 0.2-1.5 oz (6 square inches but we use polycarbonate with glass for fire retardancy).

    Originally was dreaming about using one of the Boy xxs/xs 11 ton desktop machines but shot sizes only go to 0.33 oz/18mm screw. Currently looking at 22A or 55A hydraulic Boy machine or Arburg 320 allarounder. Does anyone have experience with either machine? The Boy controllers (Procan and alpha) both look user friendly. Arburgs looks a bit confusing. The diptronic style even looks more confusing.

    What about reliability? I see alot of these machines being sold from 1960s-1980s. Not easy to find 2005+. Some of the 1980s stuff going for dirt cheap, $1000, I'm assuming because of lack of parts.

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    Re: Small plastic injection molding: Boy vs Arburg

    Have Arburg experience, and they are good,a bit quirky with design and nomenclature but once you get used to them, they are nice. Everywhere yo go in the world,you will find Arburgs.


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    Re: Small plastic injection molding: Boy vs Arburg

    I have experience with newer Arburgs. The Selogica controller is good and allows a lot of control. The older version before that was a little confusing. I would say on the older machines that are in 1980's the reason they are cheap is that they are probably are a maintenance hassle, not very energy efficient, and lack the precision or control that the newer ones do. However if tolerances aren't tight, your schedule allows for maintenance downtime, and you aren't using it much might be a an option.

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    Re: Small plastic injection molding: Boy vs Arburg

    Engel rep stopped by yesterday and I saw their catalog. Pricing for 50 ton machine is going:

    Boy $49k
    Arburg $58k
    Engel $68k

    Boy's machine is smaller footprint which is something I prefer. Their controller looks more advanced in the brochure. But Arburg has better service in Chicago.

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    Re: Small plastic injection molding: Boy vs Arburg


    so far i worked only with Arburg machines, and im more than happy with them, but only with SELOGICA controler. They do have good customer support (atleast in Europe, but I can imagine is same thing in all parts of world).
    For exemple in company i have now one 50t machine who inject in 6 cavity tool 0.2 oz and on other 2 cavity tool 2.5 oz without any problems. They are more than precise especialy if you get shut-off nozzle.


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