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Thread: separation of runner from molded parts

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    Lightbulb separation of runner from molded parts

    I am new here and also I am new to the industry. I have recently completed my engg. and I have joined a company as a trainee. Here I am working on a project - injection moulding is used in this industry to prepare small parts or razor. but the problem is parts have to be separated by workers because runners also fall into collecting bins. I have thought of some options but can you people please guide me exactly how we can separate parts from runner. any machine or something like DIY kind of thing which we can make?

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    Re: separation of runner from molded parts

    There are many conveyor companies that make part/runner separators. Just google "part and runner separators.

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    Re: separation of runner from molded parts

    A sure-fire way to fix that issue is with automation. Have a robot pick the parts and runner out of the mold and drop the runner else where. That is an expensive option and you have to maintain the end of arm for the robot. A cheaper option would be a sprue picker to grab the runner while the parts fall into the bin below. You may have to look into delayed ejection in the mold, which is essentially a floating ejector pin that has a small gap allowing it to be pushed out shortly after the parts or runner are pushed out. As tbramel mentioned above; there are also separating conveyors that are available.

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