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Thread: Steel drawing revision control

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    Steel drawing revision control

    Hi All -

    Putting my feelers out there to understand different methods of controlling steel drawings.
    We have the scenario where same plastic part # may be produced on 4 or 5 different molds - sometimes molds made form different tooling shops so mold plates may be slightly different. Critical core/cavity components however are generally the same.

    Currently we control steel by: plastic part # > then mold # > then steel drawings specific to that mold # > Core/cavity drawings

    There are a number of issues with this method for reasons I'd rather not dive into too much but I'd like to put my feelers out there to see what others are doing.

    Any others run into this issue before? Any tips/recommendations?
    File management systems?
    File management methodology specific to plastics industry?
    Any ANSI standard I should look in to of?

    Thanks all! Any help is appreciated


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    Re: Steel drawing revision control

    I think if you give detailed description that will be better for others to understand and provide advice.

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    Re: Steel drawing revision control

    You can open it directly from the Drawing Manager, with a double-click. The revision table is updated with a new revision mark and also contains the list of all the changes.

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