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Thread: Custom cases via injection moulding

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    Question Custom cases via injection moulding

    Hi all,

    This is my first post and I might be in the wrong place but I had to start somewhere...

    I have a product that I want a case made for. The product is about 110mm x 80mm x 20mm but the final dimensions may very slightly.

    The best way to describe the case I have in mind is like a CD case, or even a old style video tape case but in a completely non standard size. On the inside it would just need 4 pins or lines to slot the product in. It should close like a cd case and clip shut. It will need to be strong enough to survive Royal Mail and on the outside it will need a sleeve to hold a cover.

    I have looked into existing media cases like minidisc and cassettes, etc and nothing is quite the right size to hold the product. The idea here is to have the case as compact as possible for strength. Only a very thin leaflet will go inside and the details and instructions can fit on the rear cover.

    I don't want to go into what the product is, as my edge here would be a descent case! The existing competition ship it out in flimsy cardboard sleeves. I am confident I can sell several thousand (5k) at least products in a year, but to make it worthwhile the case will need to come in at a maximum of 40p per unit.

    I wanted to start by asking if anyone can point me in the right direction as I have no experience in this sector. Provided what I purpose is feasible of course? It's smaller than a DVD case so I can't see why in terms of plastics they couldn't be made for about 10p but because it needs to be custom designed, how would I go about making mould and getting them made, etc, etc

    Thanks in advance for any help!


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    Re: Custom cases via injection moulding

    Hello David,
    Welcome to the forum. I think the starting point is to get a prototype made - so that you can touch and feel the part - and may be even put your product in there, etc. I think you are in the UK and so do a web search on prototype and see who is there locally who can make you one these. You will have to give them a CAD drawing. Once you have finalized this, you can analyze the model to see what size machine you need, approximate cycle times, approximate mold costs and so on. Once you have this, you can then see if it is cost effective for you. You will not know the cost without doing these. Someone can approximate but there are still too many factors.
    Hope this helps.

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