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Thread: Tube with zero draft

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    Tube with zero draft

    Anyone with experience molding round tube, 1-1/8 diameter, .080 wall 5-12 inch long with zero draft (ABS)

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    Re: Tube with zero draft

    Hello Ken,
    Zero draft is tough (almost impossible) for such long tube lengths! I am assuming the tolerances are tight also. If you find the right grade with a release agent it may be possible at the lower tube lengths. But you will have a lot of reject too.
    Let us know if you find a solution.

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    Re: Tube with zero draft

    Thanks Suhas. I had attached a PDF, did you see it? There is a long open slot that starts near one end and ends about 1/2 inch from the other end. It seems this slot will help a lot in ejection. If you do not see the PDF in my post, please send me an e-mail and I will be able to send the PDF and even a 3-D iges file. kenheg1@gmail

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    Re: Tube with zero draft


    you can use collapsible core if you can tolerate small parting lines inside of your shape.
    Be careful about patents, this things are usually under some patent pending.


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