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Thread: Gloss level improvement for HDPE

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    Gloss level improvement for HDPE

    Dear Members,

    Our company want to produce one article "Watering Can" - the process will be made by the blow mold equipment, we have the HDPE (prime granules special for 10 L water can) + green masterbatch granules to make the green color.

    The problem that we encounter is that the surface of the water can need to be shining (shining green) - what we will need to add for the HDPE to make the shining surface?

    Thank you

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    Re: Gloss level improvement for HDPE


    I hope someone can answer your question here. We are all into Injection Molding primarily.
    But with my experience in Injection Molding, I am not sure if you can get good gloss via blow molding. In injection, we use high pressures but those are probably not available in blow molding. I hope I am wrong. Please keep us informed.

    All the best to you!


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