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Thread: ES-43-A8-0609-C-3A Rexroth Valve Driver Board

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    ES-43-A8-0609-C-3A Rexroth Valve Driver Board

    Looking for anyone that has had some experience with these Valve Driver Boards. I have 2 presses of the same model number that use this item and we have to spend so much money having them repaired. Looking to get information on setup so I can compare it with "notes" a tech has that he says comes from a former Cincinnati Milacron Field Technician. Also, what were some of the failures that you saw and the cause of the failure.

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    Re: ES-43-A8-0609-C-3A Rexroth Valve Driver Board

    I have never worked with the boards before, but we do have a few in our parts room from obsolete machines. Every one of them has broken traces that had been repaired before, probably due to the age of the PCB.

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    Re: ES-43-A8-0609-C-3A Rexroth Valve Driver Board

    Contact Chris at DC Repair in Illinois. He can help with repairs to those boards. As far as technical data and software, you are pretty well screwed with anything milacron. I have several with the Rexroth and the DVD conversions. The machines are nothing but a problem and habitually break for no reason, generally electronically related. My advice on anything milacron, SCRAP it, and buy something / anything else.

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