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    Question White streaks or spots

    Hi all,

    New day with a new challenge in injection molding. the problem that I face in the injection is white spots or streaks in the intern of the part, the material I use is Nylon with Glass Fiber 35 %. first I worked on temperature, the maximum is 290 C as mentioned in the material datasheet for the mold the temperature 80 (DS between 60-90). Then I try to work in Injection speed (I lowered them) but the Glass Fiber ASpect was good.

    Additionnal information :
    Backpressure 70 Bar
    injection speed 30/50/60 (mm/s) (the spots appeared between 30/50)
    Pressure 800 Bar
    Mold with 4 cavities (all of them have the same prob.)

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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