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Thread: Krauss Maffei

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    Krauss Maffei

    We recently added a E-dart to one of our hydraulic Krauss Maffeiís. Itís a newer model probably 2017. Has a MX series robot, blue power series. Question is, how do you control the pack speed on these machines? On a E-dart the pressure response is showing a horrible result. Even during profiled pack/ hold. Should look like a stair step but, resembles the side of a mountain.

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    Re: Krauss Maffei

    You have to change the setting on the hold pressure stages from one mode to the other but with a KM I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. Also, I think that’s how they tunes the electric servo pumps. They bump and slam On and Off versus slowly ramping up and down like Engel.
    Just like their robot and sequencer that’s supposed to rival Engel’s. The robot adds excessive and useless sub-routines to the robot. The sequencer will only allow you to add cores or such in predetermined locations and either before, after, or parallel to the one before. Forget about changing In and Out in the sequencer as they’re smarter than you are!!

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