i dont have space in hobby room ,nor i need these big expensive one (even if i have dont know where to put it)
planed to buy bf20l (g0704) mill and to turn it in to cnc

will that one be ok precision wise for small but detailed models in to molds to support tabletop games ?

idea is to make load of these models to populate table ,like load of bricks or sand bags with un-active mg/canon
bunch of roadblocks but with details ,,maybe bunch of corpses if it's ww2 game or 40k
i can do all that with 3d printing but it take load time plus to make models for one table i will need 2-3 months on 3d printer and who know how much in plastic with not always good print
so i'm looking for pim solution and to reuse mill

i know for silicone molds but i don't like to play with these ,don't ask bad memories ..
(fish lures )
so far i see bunch of manual pim like stand for drill will that one hold "water" for this what i need ?
most of time i'm afraid that this bf20l wont be capable to do these hair like lines or holes
i know edm is used for these but even i have edm i need to mill negative for it in copper
is it possible on this mill ?

like https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3123668 or https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4056993
or make bunch of these and do dmg on them and seed field https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3927655
or ww2 versions
i weighted some of these models printed full and weight is from 8.5g to 22g i see some of these only post specs in temp and 15-30cc one of these full electrical 1meter length have 30cc shot and sell for 3000€uro
next i find is manual(tp2 manual tp1 compressed air) from uk tp1/2 say 28gram per shot 3000 pounds or 3500euro
and i need pim not just for that plan is to use it for fishing lures u need looooad of these when season start
then friend make knifes and he could use tpu slides to save some money manny things for mill too

so in mass of questions i got 2 major ones
1 will bf20L in cnc mill be capable to make these tinny details in steel or alu ? or in copper when i finally assemble pulse edm from book ?
2 to buy elektro mini or micro pim with 30cc shot or air compressed pim, tp1 for 500 euro more ?
uh thanks