I have a 20'ish-year-old Kawaguchi KX220. Kawaguchi up and left the states years ago to my knowledge. One of their lead technicians stayed back and created his own company to support the machines in the states. I have been going back and forth with him for over a year and have made 0 progress. Have tried a couple of other 'technicians' but once I lay out the entire situation *POOF* they are gone like a fart in the wind.

So that's the back story...

As I was browsing the forums trying to soak up any and all good information I could as I often do (self-taught molder, would never claim to be an expert) I suddenly realized that perhaps I could post this here and get a decent response so here goes:

When I first boot up the machine none of the potentiometers will register. This means that the mold opens until it literally hits the wall. The machine will charge until the barrel is max capacity... etc. Without the potentiometers to define its limits it just goes until it can't. Needless to say, it won't operate that way even though all of the other functions on the machine work fine.

Most days I power up the machine and after some time (2 minutes to 2 hours) the alarm sounds and I know that it's working, that all of the potentiometers are functioning properly even though the alarms are specifically for the potentiometers. Lately, it's doing something new where they will suddenly stop registering which of course ends any chances of running parts on that machine.

So I know it sounds strange. To myself, and to the tech it seems like it should be a board and we even know which board it should be. We've tried a replacement board though, and I've even sent him the entire rack to him for testing and they all tested OK.

Pondering a new machine but I hate leaving problems unresolved and the machine actually runs well when it runs... Not to mention the cost of a new machine.

I thank you in advance for any sort of insight you can provide and if you can't provide any, I still appreciate you taking the time read this.

~ Huckage