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Thread: Process Sheets (Control) Suggestions

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    Red face Process Sheets (Control) Suggestions

    Hello everyone,

    Looking to see what others have done in regards to Process Control / Process Sheets.

    Currently, we have a standard process sheet that has all the inputs and outputs of the process. Techs are allowed to make any changes they want as long as they are documented. This is usually fine, and provides techs with the most freedom to correct issue... It has on occasion caused issues with making a wrong change, or simply not matching the original process.

    I like the ideas of allowable process windows for key variables (fill time/water temps/etc.) , but that can get tricky with how big of windows, and how to really qualify all the variables highs/lows. (I can only imagine a really thorough ISO Auditor really digging into me on this one) And we don't have unlimited days to qualify a new mold


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    Re: Process Sheets (Control) Suggestions

    We use the same tolerances on all settings, like barrel or mold heats +/- 10* C, tonnage and all variables are given similar ranges. No issues for us as long as the variance sheet lists name, defect and process change. Outside the range and Tech is required to get the Process Engineer.

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