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Thread: Simple Snap Hook/Groove design

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    Simple Snap Hook/Groove design

    Hello All,

    I am not a mold designer by any means but I have a question on a simple Hook Groove type of design.
    I have seen many snap hook designs but I am not sure how the recess part or the groove part is made in a mold.
    Do they use sliders or other methods.

    My question is in the attached drawing.
    Will appreciate any comments or thoughts on this .

    Thank you

    PS I missed the yellow line drawing but I am sure you can figure out the drawings. Thx !
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    Re: Simple Snap Hook/Groove design

    There is good information and design guides from Dupont thermoplastics Resource Center. Check out Design guideline module 1 starting around page 10. It has examples of what you are trying to do. Some of it is material specific to nylon but the basics are there. If you can't find it, I can email to you. Due to the size limitations I could not post a pdf here.
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