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Thread: Help: Porcheson controller

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    Help: Porcheson controller

    I dont know anyone here having any video or instruction/video how to setting up the mold for porcheson MK310?

    greatly appreciated it

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    Re: Help: Porcheson controller

    Porcheson is a simple Chinese controller, similar to Techmation or EST.
    But the English language that you see on screen will sound crazy.
    When you say "how to setting up mould....", let me know what exactly you looking for in settings.
    Have handled few Porcheson PLCs and can help you to some extent

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    Re: Help: Porcheson controller

    PORCHESON PS860AM MK310 control system(7''TFT display panel) PLC for plastic injection molding machine NEW & ORIGINAL
    PS860AM I/O board 27/28+10+3line electronic ruler+3line pressure sensors

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