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Thread: Compressed air for cleaning?

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    Question Compressed air for cleaning?

    I work in an injection molding facility that hand mixes most materials in 50lb hoppers for short runs. We hand mix regrind virgin mixes a majority of the time and we run multiply different colors. We just so happen to clean ourselves off with compressed air to avoid contamination. My question lies here. We just took away compressed air because it's a safety issue. Now we don't have a fast way to clean ourselves and we never thought of an alternative. What's a fast effective way to clean materials off our arms or shirt to avoid contaminating product?

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    Re: Compressed air for cleaning?

    Shop vac. Except plug the hose into the exhaust side and blow yourself off outside or away from your product. Wear your safety glasses.

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    Re: Compressed air for cleaning?

    I would think vacuum is better than air anyway. If you suck up the fines/contamination it ends up stuck on a filter somewhere. If you blow it off, then it's back floating around in the air where it can contaminate stuff.

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