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Thread: Stack Mold Builders

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    Stack Mold Builders

    It's been a while, but I'm back in the swing of things. Moved on from my last employer back in Nov. 2018. It was tough after being there for 17+ years.

    Working on a multi-million part opportunity that may fit well as a stack mold. Problem is I have no idea who to contact that has this experience that can get a budgetary quote in a couple days.

    Part is 2.5" x 0.75" with side actions to create id. Need a 48 cavity mold to be able to keep up with demand. Thinking stack mold to keep the overall press size smaller. This is a medical part, but does not have to be molded in a clean room. Would prefer to have the mold builder in the Great Lakes area and that they have the capability to do first run-off(s) of the mold. Location is less important then a quality mold builder that has the capability to run T1 samples.

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    Re: Stack Mold Builders

    Sad to hear you moved on from a long-term employment. Never fun.

    New to stack molds and first work with this supplier so mainly just a mention not necessarily a recommendation.

    StackTeck up in Toronto is a mold builder that recently built a stack mold for a project I am on the edge of. Hasn't run at our supplier yet but heard no complaints from the people involved in the build. Ran good parts in testing by StackTech prior to transferring to our supplier.

    Good Luck!

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