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Thread: Drooling Hot Runner Nozzle

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    Drooling Hot Runner Nozzle

    I just had to reduce a little of injection speed (210mm to 200mm) and temp on the drooling cavity nozzle.

    Hello everyone and thanks in advance!

    I have a leaking nozzle in a 2 cavity cup mold, after a few normal shots I’ve noticed that my cushion stars to diminish from 6mm to almost 0 and when this happens the leaking occurs and this causes the part to sticks to the cavity (part sticks with the melted plastic leaking).

    180t machine
    2 cavity hot runner mold (3 zones)
    Material: Impact Copolymer (Formosa 2550a)
    Thermal profile: 250, 240, 230, 217
    Back P: 15kg/f
    Injection Speed: 210mm
    Injection Force: 1650
    Hold P: 750
    Hot Runners: 250 all 3 zones
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