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Thread: Injection Moulding training course

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    Injection Moulding training course


    Can anyone recommend any Injection Moulding training courses?

    Even better who offers the most recognised certificate of training for injection moulding?

    Many thanks,


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    Re: Injection Moulding training course


    check this for NA:

    this for GER:

    For ENG/GER:

    this for CZ/SK:

    I think there is nothing like MBA or any official degree, that is a mark of knowledge and that would serve as a entry paper to the world of injection.

    I also think that with decent basics you will learn the most from Your colleague, your own testing and playing with parameters.
    Use also for basic literature that You can get as a basic knowledge.


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    Re: Injection Moulding training course

    There are a number of training seminars here in the US. Unsure of your location, but look up Paulson Plastics Academy, RJG or AIM are most well known programs.

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    Re: Injection Moulding training course

    I would add to the iamplwirtz list the following:
    -Suhas (the moderator of the forum) has courses through Fimmtech. Alos he has a book that is pretty good
    -Orbital Plastics Consulting. Umberto started this and used to teach Paulson's ProMolder courses. Nice thing is he will customize a course for your machines or training needs (if you have a lot of people doing it at once)

    All of them do certifications and I seem to see most posting wanting a Master Molder certification or ProMolder certification. However personally on my side I will look at anyone who has training and then ask questions to determine knowledge and possibly have them do a machine test. If you know your stuff the name on the paper doesn't matter to me.

    However for learning the basics all of the ones iamplwirtz and I mentioned will get you the knowledge.

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