I've been trying to use the user compiled pages on our Ferromatik IQT terminals, and am having a problem deleting and editing items. Through trial and error I've found that when enough lines are added to completely fill the page, the action of deleting any line doesn't free up space for new items. Instead, the objects are replaced with blank lines that apparently can't be deleted. Attempting to add new items results in the error "object list is full". I've had no problem deleting lines on other pages or other machines as long as they weren't completely filled, and have replicated the problem on several terminals.

Obviously I haven't continued to fill pages since I discovered this, and could just work around it in the future, but I have pages on a few machines that are essentially useless and are preventing me from rolling out a much faster way to record process settings on all the other presses. Does anyone have experience with these machines and interfaces, or this bug in particular?