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Thread: Documentation Process for trials/validation of a new mold

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    Documentation Process for trials/validation of a new mold

    When you bring a new mold in and run trials/validation, what information do you record?

    We are a small custom molding shop and typically run orders of 1,000-50,000 per year. Currently the only information that is recorded is the setup sheet for the settings that were used to get cosmetically accepted parts.

    I'd like to set up a more robust documentation process and am wondering what everyone else documents.

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    Re: Documentation Process for trials/validation of a new mold

    Usually I do all the standard stuff: Viscosity curve, shot to shot repeatability, cavity balance, gate freeze, cosmetic window study, cooling time study, and a DOE if needed. I also check the water flow and water temp through the mold using a flowmeter, get steel temps, and melt temps. I have gotten demolding temps in the past as well. I also record outputs like fill time, peak pressure, cushion, end of fill weights, and part weights. I dumb all this information into a online program we use so all the other engineers can find it if needed. We do document the inputs as well in a setup sheet. I am sure I forgot something in the quick response. Look up on Suha's website. His book is really good and has a lot about testing, documentation, and building a robust process. Would be a good read for you if you are trying to set up something.

    Also our tool room documents a lot of stuff on the tool when it comes in. Like venting, gate size, etc. and then they put that in a file for the tool.

    Good luck!

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