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Thread: Powerline 440 Mold Gate Function

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    Post Powerline 440 Mold Gate Function

    Hi all!

    I have been troubleshooting a 96 cavity valve gate hot runner tube mold and have become a little confused on the functions of the mold gate (which I am assuming is the valve gate).

    In my attachment, the sequence selection selected is Clp Pos Cls After Inj is enabled and Open 3.00 inches. The allow time is 0.40 seconds and I'm not sure what is actually going on.

    The user manual is not very clear to me, and the sequence selection chosen is not explained. I have attached screen shots of the manual.

    Hopefully one of you can explain what my machine settings are doing and recommend a change if necessary.
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    Re: Powerline 440 Mold Gate Function

    Can't see the pdf's they're too small, but I've sometimes seen machines set-up similar to an "if-then" statement:

    If screw position during injection sequence is at position 3.0 or smaller, then valve gate is open.


    If screw position is during recovery sequence is 0.0 or greater, then valve gate is closed.

    The "sequence" you choose is probably important too, not sure what Clp Cls is, I'm guessing clamp close.
    Maybe choose injection as your selected sequence?

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