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Thread: Machine mfrs with service ppl in FL?

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    Machine mfrs with service ppl in FL?

    In my conversion from hydraulics to all-electrics, I'm trying to settle in on 2-3 machine mfrs to buy (used). Our product is not very demanding in terms of precision, speed or exotic materials. I am looking for reliability, ease of training/setup, low overall cost of ownership, availability on used market, and parts-and-service support from the mfr. Brands that I would consider: Engel, Haitian, JSW (we have 1), KM, Niigata, Nissei, Roboshot, Toshiba, Toyo...possibly others

    We are located on the west coast of FL, near Tampa. Any mfrs have service people near enough that if we needed a guy on-site, it would be a local trip rather than an airfare+hotel type deal? I understand Nissei has a sales office in Clearwater, but do they have repair capability? And I know of a Maruka (Toyo) rep in Tampa, but again - do they have tech people there? Parts availability & inventory in the US? Ongoing support for older machines (say 2000-2005)?

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    Re: Machine mfrs with service ppl in FL?

    For what it's worth which may not be much since I'm in Texas, if I look at all the machine mfr. that I have had first hand experience with over the years, some of which I only purchased parts from or called on the phone for technical support or scheduled a service call with I got the best results when ordering parts, technical support and service calls from Cinn. Milicron including the Roboshots. followed by Demag, then Engle, Toshiba, Battenfeld, Toyo, Boy. The rest I haven't had any experience with other then a very recent experience with Nissei which was not good at all. Nissei opened a plant and sales office in San Antonio Tx. approximately 250 miles away. We needed a service tech and he was flown in from Japan to California to meet up with a translator/a Nissei sales person then to our location near Dallas, Texas. We had a software loading issue on a used Nissei we purchased. The service tech spoke English well enough to make it clear he was not going to work with or train our techs and his expectation was for us to fly him in each time we had a technical issue. He actually said that. After the service call it was decided the nissei machine would not be a good fit and has not molded a single part.

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    Re: Machine mfrs with service ppl in FL?

    I have had pretty good luck with Arburgs and most Engels. I have not had good luck with Sumitomos. Decent machines (controller has some quirks), but service was horrible. As an example it took 6 months to get a quote for a battery replacement (and that was after getting the VP of sales in to chat). Then it took 6 months to get it and have them install it (required a new board). When I left it was a year after the install and Sumitomo had still not fixed a bug in the board swap. Not the only issue I have had with them.

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