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Thread: Support for Moving side of Mold

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    Support for Moving side of Mold

    Does anyone have any ideas for supporting the moving side of a mold? I have found on some of our larger molds that the mold can "sag" over time, this causes extra wear on the sidelocks and creates mismatch on the parts. We've added additional clamps, but I am looking for something would also aid in the support for the half of the mold.

    I've seen the Smartline system, just seeing if anyone knows of other systems.

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    Re: Support for Moving side of Mold

    Could use some tapered mold interlocks to help with alignment. And just remove the slidelocks altogether
    Closer you place the interlock to your parts, the less delta of mismatch you will see in parts
    Click image for larger version. 

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    As for sagging to begin, aside from using larger bolts, rails, leader pins, etc I don't know of any way to prevent sag as it's in the construction of the mold itself

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    Re: Support for Moving side of Mold

    I have seen devices affixed to side of tools using the tie bar as a support.
    Common on with stack molds.
    Looks like bronze material

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    Re: Support for Moving side of Mold

    Easy fix would be use a locating ring on the moving side. If the ring canít come out of the platten then it canít slide down. BTW do you only start clamping in molds under tonnage ? If not the tonnage can cause them to move slightly.

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    Re: Support for Moving side of Mold

    ok, what is "larger tool"? 100kg, 1t, 10t, 40t ????

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