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Thread: Technician Titles

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    Technician Titles

    We have some unique/odd titles for some of our positions here that really don't match up with industry standards. Just curious what some of you are calling your different levels of technicians.

    Our Mold Hangers are called QCA (Quick-Change Artists)
    Those skilled to start presses are called Process 1 and Process 2
    These skilled with the higher end processing and troubleshooting are currently called Master Molders (They do all have the certificates, but I've not heard of any company having such a job title)

    Our initial thoughts are to drop to 3 technician levels and just want to get some feedback on if they line up with industry. (Mold Technicians, Process Technicians and Lead Technicians or Lead Process Technicians)

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    Re: Technician Titles


    Our titles are really basic, but, just to let you know,

    Mold Setters, Technicians, and 1 Process Engineer.... that's it.

    and at the last place I worked... we had the same except Technicians were broken down as Tech A, Tech B, And Tech C...... so beginner techs started at the "C" level and worked their way up, "A" level Techs then would be "senior level" / and fully capable of running the floor by themselves. I don't remember having internal certifications for each, just based off of experience / capabilities / manager reviews etc...

    Hope that helps,

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    Re: Technician Titles

    We call the Tech 1 or resin tech; Tech 2 is Mold Setter; Tech 3 is Process Tech; Tech 4 is Lead Tech. A Process Engineer is just that. Tech 2’s learn to start the press or to fill in or move up so everyone is trained to move up.

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