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Thread: RJG Dynamic Cavity Imbalance

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    RJG Dynamic Cavity Imbalance

    Can anyone advise how to perform RJG Dynamic Cavity Imbalance?

    Many thanks

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    Re: RJG Dynamic Cavity Imbalance

    You essentially turn off pack/hold and get the parts about 95% full under the same conditions you derived in your fill viscosity study. Then weigh each cavity and see how balanced your fill is. There are many reasons for an imbalance; differences between cavities, worn gates, unbalanced cooling lines and different shear histories just to name a few.

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    Re: RJG Dynamic Cavity Imbalance

    Also make sure to have a charge (rotation) delay time of may be 5 seconds also. if not, since the gate is not frozen the back pressure may fill your parts.

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