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Thread: Material cushion variation

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    Re: Material cushion variation


    We have terminals but for now this is not problem. That was my first thinking but i checked tool and is OK. I had same idea about moisture, and now, just in case, im running two dryers. So material is dry. Look of material is because it have some additives for self-extinguish, UL compatibility etc.
    If i turn off pack pressure, part will be around 98% full. Basically im using pack here just to "flat out" surface.
    Criss, i send you data that i collected so far and convert to excel. Im having tons data more.

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    Re: Material cushion variation

    Quote Originally Posted by nemanja View Post
    Criss, i send you data that i collected so far and convert to excel. Im having tons data more.
    nemanja - had a little time this am so here's what i got!

    Received 6 data sets, 2 of which appear to be duplicates, and the last 2 appear to be engineering trial runs and fall outside normal run conditions.
    The remaining 3 data sets are shown in sequence in the photo.
    Data sets are separated by shot# (X-axis) where I drew red lines to indicate new data set.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	cushion data.JPG 
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    Based on this information I didn't note any repeating peaks or cushion 'anomalies' that fall outside of the overall process variation itself.
    Arguably some drops in or around process start-up, but this may be expected.
    Maybe some type of incident noted near shot 485 in data set 3 - machine shutdown maybe or alarm?
    In terms overall Material Cushion Variation, in my mind, would be difficult to pin-point it as being the root-cause of your issue.

    However I did see some switch-over position changes (probably a process change) which I will email back to you, along with some other graphs you can look at.
    Also if you want keep collecting data on that cushion over time and see how your overall process varies.

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    Re: Material cushion variation

    Switch over point change was caused by shooting throu terminals. Operator need to change volume of injected material for little and after is OK. Again in some number of cycles again switch over need to change because part is unfulfilled.
    Only thing what is left and i didn't tested so far is material. And i finally found institute willing to do tests. As soon as i get results, ill notify you.

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