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    Re: Ejector keeps breaking

    Btw, if there is some small ejectors, maybe it is the case for the breaking off.
    Show us more picture, maybe we can help.

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    Re: Ejector keeps breaking

    Hello Bryan,

    From the picture it seems the ejector bar which is connecting to the tool. If I had a correct understanding.

    As I experienced I seldom met this problem.

    Some tips below hope can...
  3. Re: WANTED a Trustworthy mold maker in Taiwan / Indian or recommendation


    Not sure if you are intrested in the tool shop in China Mainland.
    Maybe I can help.

  4. Re: Calculation Method for Clamping Force needed

    I am trying to enclosed a picture, but I do not have the access. Sorry. clamping load =specific. clamping force* project all areas( all parts and runner).
  5. Re: surface texture call out for P.C. parts that will be painted Prost production.

    I experienced many request about painting from customer, e.g, high gloss painting, EDM painting, graining painting etc.It seems all is ok. For material PC, we usually use VDI 3400 REF. 24. VDI 3400....
  6. Thread: Defects

    by Derrick

    Re: Defects

    What is at bottom, and bigger ejector the same size as the circle? Actually, I am thinking of ejector rebounding after holding pressure removed.
  7. Re: How can you inject two different colors in the same part?

    Yeah, it sounds very interesting. While the injection machine should be a different type, it sounds a kind of stack mould?
    Thanks for reply.
  8. Re: How can you inject two different colors in the same part?

    Currently, there are many solutions with 2 or 3 or more different color. Convensional machine can not realize this action. Sometimes you need purchase additional nozzles to extend the function of...
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